Sadler and Starlight Yachts – Technical Excellence

Care of building and quality of fittings used in a Sadler and Starlight extends throughout the whole yacht, from applying the gel coat in the purpose-built temperature and humidity controlled moulding shop, to the fixing of the last piece of deck hardware. These are significant features for the owner who intends to use his boat and have confidence in her ability to look after the owner, over many years of sailing in all weathers.

Hulls were laid up by Sadler, using clear gel coat below the water line. This is stronger than a pigmented (coloured) gel coat and enabled the laminators to ensure no air bubbles were trapped, thereby providing an exceptionally durable outer protective barrier. Isophthalic resins were used in the gel coat and skin coat (first lay-up after the gel coat), which are also considerably stronger and less pervious to water than the commonly used orthophthalic resins. Skilled laminators and moulding shop technicians extensively tested and evaluated products used in construction, to ensure a quality of moulding second to none. This is why Sadler became the first British boat builder to offer a five year anti-osmosis guarantee, on all new craft.

Glass-fibre materials with high strength/weight ratio, such as bi-axial and tri-axial cloths were used extensively, particularly in the more highly stressed areas such as keel stubs on the Starlights 35 and 39. This provides an exceptionally strong hull but without adding undue weight and enables the weight to be concentrated low down, where it ought to be – in the keel itself.

Interior joinery was produced in Sadler’s own joinery shop where it was spray varnished to give a superb quality of finish. Interior fit-out of the yachts and installation of the electrical and mechanical equipment was all completed in the main workshop before the yacht was delivered to the customer. By keeping so much of the build process in-house, quality control was assured and technical improvements readily introduced.