Sadler and Starlight Yachts – Design Philosophy

The Sadler name has long been associated with fast, safe and seaworthy cruising yachts, which can also show a clean pair of heels to much racier craft. All Sadlers were designed with passage making very much in mind, so the boats are easy to manage short-handed. It is probably true to say that more Sadlers, from the original Sadler 25 up to the Barracuda, have competed successfully in events such as the AZAB, Round Britain race, trans-Atlantic single, two-handed races, Yachting Monthly Triangle race and other long distance short-handed events, than virtually any other class of production yacht.

Performance is a factor, which must not be under estimated. A cruising yacht should be fast – why spend twelve days out at sea if you can spend seven? The ability to beat off a lee shore in a gale, reach a critical point before the tide turns or avoid the path of a depression are important considerations for all cruising yachtsmen. After all, one can easily slow down a fast yacht, but to speed up a slow one is a good deal more difficult. Being fast need not mean being uncomfortable or sacrificing ultimate safety.

Sadlers and Starlights, unlike many modern yachts, are moderately proportioned, modest in the beam and of medium displacement. Apart from safety and performance considerations this helps to ensure that styling and appearance does not become outdated overnight, and earlier examples of Sadler designs are still much in demand on the second-hand market.

With virtually all sail handling controllable from the cockpit, wide uncluttered decks and carefully positioned deck fittings, even the largest Sadler/Starlight can be easily managed in the toughest of conditions by a crew of one or two.

Cockpits are deep and well protected with high coamings – we do not believe in sacrificing comfort or safety of the cockpit (where one spends most of one’s time), or the all important cockpit lockers, for the last little bit of volume in the aft cabin. A cockpit on a cruising yacht should be sat in, not on.

Sadlers and Starlights have been designed and built by people who understand sailing. The fittings both above and below deck and the systems – electrical and plumbing – were all carefully designed and chosen to ensure optimum performance over many years of hard use. Sadler also believed an owner should feel proud of the quality of finish of his yacht, and the moulding and interior woodwork have been given the attention they deserve. The greatest strength of a Sadler and Starlight yacht however, is in an area that cannot be readily seen. The unique interior moulding, foam filled construction makes for an incredibly strong hull and the high quality mouldings ensure attractive external appearance.

These boats have to be sailed, to be appreciated; they epitomise the very best in quality performance cruising yachts. The combination of speed and comfort combined with a quality of build and attention to detail are second-to-none, places Sadlers and Starlights in a class of their own.