Tandem Keels

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Posted 2 December 2021

We have recently been involved in selling an Etap 21i with an interesting tandem keel – attached pic shows the idea and provides for a remarkably low draft at only 0.7 m.

This concept was developed by designer Warwick Collins during the early 80’s and proved to be of interest to several British yacht builders at the time with the Sigma 362, the Sadler 34 and others doing trials and building a number of yachts with this keel fitted – during my own time as it happens!

Original tests were carried out on the 25’ “Flying Boat“ and then the 30’ “Fighter “, when we completed successfully in the Isle of White race, with Richard Bagnall on board (an ace Solent skipper), who was impressed with her outstanding performance against larger yachts.

We understand that Etap fitted a tandem design of keel to many of their smaller yachts with considerable success.