Starlight 35 Yacht

The starlight 39 took the sailing world by storm. Here was a yacht, which did everything, yet it became apparent after a year or so that there was something missing . . . a smaller version. Enter the Starlight 35, which shares virtually identical lines and layout to her larger sister. Shorter by four feet, a foot less beam, minus 170 square feet of sail area and 4,000 lbs less displacement – these are the principal differences.

It is hardly surprising that the 35 attracted keen interest from sailors planning long distance voyages. What is surprising is that this same boat appealed to coastal and family yachtsmen, moving up from smaller yachts and sometimes unsure of their ability to handle a larger vessel. These owners have found the 35’s docility, responsiveness and manoeuvrability soon makes them feel comfortably at home.

Significantly too, the 35 has been chosen by several previous owners of larger, heavy displacement cruising yachts who have wanted to move into something which is smaller and easier to handle and maintain. They have selected the 35 because it handles like a proper yacht and possesses many of the traditional yacht qualities, so often lacking in today’s mass-produced production craft.

The 35 was clearly going to be fast but what was surprising was that a fully-kitted cruising yacht was capable of beating dedicated racers, exactly as happened in the 1991 Round the Island Race. In this event, a Starlight 35 finished second in Channel Handicap Class 5, less than two minutes behind the winner of the Cowes Week Britannia Cup, while another won her non-rated division. Not a bad performance by boats loaded with creature comforts and raced by family crews, who rarely compete together as a team!

The Starlight 35 is a big 35 – she really is 35 feet long on deck. Compare her measurements with other 35 footers, look at her features and speak to some of the owners… it will become clear why the Starlight 35 sets the standards by which others are judged.

Principal Dimensions
L.O.A. 36′ 1 “ 11.00m
L.O.D. 35′ 0 “ 10.67m
L.W.L. 28′ 1″ 8.56m
Beam 11′ 6″ 3.51m
Draft (fin keel) 5′ 11″ 1.80m
(wing keels) 4′ 9″ 1.45m
Displacement 13,200 lb 5,993 kg
Ballast 5,300 lb 2,406 kg
Ballast Ratio 40% 40%
Fuel 30 gals 136 litres
Water 50 gals 227 litres
Sail Areas
100% Foretriangle 234 sq ft 21.7 sq m
Main 234 sq ft 21.7 sq m
Roller Reefing Genoa 234 sq ft 21.7 sq m
No. 1 Genoa 234 sq ft 21.7 sq m
No. 2 Genoa 234 sq ft 21.7 sq m
No. 3 Genoa 426 sq ft 39.6 sq m
Storm Jib 426 sq ft 39.6 sq m
Spinnaker 895 sq ft 83.1 sq m
Rig Measurements
I 45.001 ft 13.72 m
J 13.25 ft 4.04 m
P 38.75 ft 11.81 m
E 14.25 ft 4.34 m