A New Development!

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Posted 29 September 2021

During the past 12 months or so we have become aware of Sadler and Starlight Yachts being offered for sale on multi-media sites, Apollo Duck and others, rather than through the usual Brokerage outlets.
This has presented a new opportunity for Buyers and many times we are approached by the Buyer to advise on yacht detail, available documentation, Survey findings and so on – for which we charge a small fee, depending on time involved.
A further development is that we are now increasingly involved in helping and advising for private sale between Seller and Buyer, then providing formal sale documents including Bill of Sale and other necessary formalities.
We are thus able to advise on Survey findings and Title documentation queries, as an effective intermediary.
Typically our fee for this is £400 to £500, cost split equally between Buyer and Vendor.
Our most recent involvement in this invaluable contribution has been with Moody yachts and Sigma of which we have a profound knowledge – resulting from my time with Marine Projects running Moody and Sigma yacht build.
We are certainly happy to discuss any variations on the above service – why not call Mike for a chat 07717 885435.