8 June 2021

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Starlight styling stripes

We have been running for some time the Blue/Grey styling stripes for Starlights built from 1991 up to about 1994. This comprises the Blue/Grey cavita tape and the wider Blue/Grey band for the coach roof. Also available are the shaped fore and aft logos.

In addition we stock the Navy/Gold tape as fitted by Bowman from about 1995 onwards – the most recent boats.

All the above tape is sold in 10m rolls (sufficient to do one side of the 35) and both coloured tapes are secured in position by a backing tape which maintains a constant gap. We also supply comprehensive instructions on how to remove the old tape and fit the new and how to do patching as a result of fender rub.

It is worth mentioning that from about 1989, Sadler International discontinued the Red/Blue styling stripe and fitted the Blue/Grey stripe on all Sadlers as well.

We have now fitted several Starlights using the Blue/Grey tape and of course can also fit the coach roof tape which certainly looks very stylish and reduces apparent height of the coach roof.

Please refer to the Articles section ‘Smarten up your Topsides’, posted on this News page last week, for detail and general advice on how to do the job.

As far as price is concerned, the Navy/Gold cavita stripes are sold in 10m rolls at £39.60. The end logos come as a set of 4 totalling £48.00. The Blue/Grey stripes also come in 10m rolls at £39.00 each.  The end pieces coming as a set of 4 totalling £43.20.

Additional metres required for the Starlight 39 cavita will be supplied per meter on a pro-rata basis.

Sadler styling stripes

We keep in stock 10m rolls of Red/Blue cavita tape for the older Sadlers plus the Blue/Grey for the later models. In addition, we can supply the fore and aft ‘endcaps’.

Both of these options are available at £39 per 10m roll plus the set of 4 endcaps at £30. On the smaller Sadlers you will be left with some excess tape which is ideal for patching when fender rub occurs.