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Posted 5 August 2021

Written by Mike Lucas in 2004

Mast rake – Setting up for 1º and 2º
There have been a number of questions in the Forum regarding mast rake.
I have advised Atlantic Spars who are expert mast makers and riggers based here in Dartmouth that all Sadlers should be set up at about 1º rake. Starlights have always had more rake than this and were originally set up at about 2º, as specified by designer Stephen Jones.
An easy check of rake can be achieved by suspending a weight on the end of the main halyard, then measure the distance from aft face of mast to the halyard, just above deck level.
Rake can be set up as follows, by using the I measurement as used by sailmakers, this being the working height of mast as measured from sheer-line to top of genoa sheave:

  • Sadler 26: I = 9.45 m; 1º rake = 16 cm
  • Sadler 29: I = 11.43 m; 1º rake = 19 cm
  • Sadler 32: I = 12.11 m; 1º rake = 20 cm
  • Sadler 34: I = 13.05 m; 1º rake = 22 cm
  • Starlight 35: I = 13.72 m; 2º rake = 46 cm
  • Starlight 39: I = 15.24 m; 2º rake = 50 cm

The above figures assume mast is set up with a small amount of pre-bend. Do check this with your sailmaker/rigger and as a general guide, pre-bend should be about 1” for a Sadler 26 to 2” on a Sadler 34.
For a Starlight this will be about 2” for a 35 to 3” for a 39.

* Sadly Charlie Hutton of Atlantic Spars has now retired. However we still work closely with an excellent rigger, Dan Thursfield of Petersen Stainless Rigging, who was trained by Charlie.