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Posted 2 September 2021

Additional leads for reefing pendants to come aft.
Most Sadlers built between 1981 and 1988 had winches fitted to the coachroof, but Barton stoppers to take only the halyards and topping lift. Sadly, during this period the clew reefing pendants were brought forward to boom stoppers at the gooseneck and the tack cringle was pulled down onto ‘rams horn’ hooks. This meant that when reefing the boat, the main halyard control was aft and the reefing pendants forward, which was a really unsatisfactory arrangement and unseamanlike.

A fair number of Sadlers have now been converted to bring the reefing pendants aft onto stoppers or clutches to the coach roof and this is the way it should be done. To bring back the reefing lines, several changes are required:

  • Replace the existing rams-horn hooks with spectacle type fairleads, which we can supply (owner to fit).
  • Extend the two clew pendants, so that they will go aft to clutches; fit two new tack pendants, also to go aft.
  • Fit additional deck organisers for these four pendants and also for the boom vang control line; leave mainsail foot outhaul line, where it is, at forward end of boom.
  • Provide additional deck organiser – now available is an exact duplicate of that currently fitted and you will be able to double-bank an additional 3 sheave deck organiser, both for port and starboard. This was the method used on Sadlers built from 1988 onwards and many have now been modified, using this method. We have now arranged to import this organiser from Denmark and it is available from MLY.
  • Additional clutches will be required which can be Barton as currently fitted. Simple jaw-type jammers can be used for the tack pendants, but clutches should be used for everything else.

By modifying your reefing arrangements, all sail controls can be handled from the cockpit. Putting in a reef is then more seamanlike and certainly quicker and safer, within the shelter of the cockpit and sprayhood.