19 December 2018

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Our familiar range of Starlight and Sadler yachts do vary in terms of value and sale price and interesting choices arise which can provide for  “boating on a budget”, at competitive sale prices.

Starlight sale prices vary from as low as £40,000 and up to £100,000, depending on the usual variables of age, condition, level of  equipment and so on.
It is possible to purchase a Starlight at a low price, albeit with a work programme required by the new owner having relevant practical skills.

Interestingly we periodically have cruising yachts available across the Sadler range, some of which can be purchased on a budget basis  –  also other makes of yacht  having relevant criteria, which can provide an interesting practical project.

A typical  Sadler  25 can sell in good condition with an  acceptable level of equipment at between £6000  and £8000 – this provides for a good looking yacht with real capability for cruising, club racing and comfortable accommodation – selling for rather less, where work may be required or gear replacement.

On our brokerage list at present, we have in Torquay an interesting variation on this theme by way of a J 24 and an Uffa Fox designed small cruising yacht (Copland Foxhound 24), both available at less than £7000.

Westerly J24

The J24, now available at £6,500 will appeal for club racing with rewarding performance and spartan cruising – real potential for younger crews seeking fun afloat.

Copland Foxhound 24

The Foxhound is a really interesting small yacht with many upgrades, refurbished Volvo engine, new rig and recent sails – ideal accommodation for small family, or  channel cruising for adult crew.

Do email us or call Suzie or Mike to discuss what you require – we can probably find you a boat!