1 January 2015

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Sadlers and Starlights

Mike Lucas Yachting has moved office to Torquay harbourside (Unit 7, Beacon Quay, Torquay TQ1 2BG) and trading name is now Lucas Yachting, with new website. Brokerage now extended to include all yacht types but we still have the familiar Sadler and Starlight website, which can be accessed from our home page via the ‘Sadler & Starlight’ link.

Sadlers and Starlights on brokerage are listed on both websites, now expanded to additional yacht sale websites, so as to increase exposure for all our listed boats.

The existing Sadler and Starlight site has all the old favourite articles, details of equipment supplied, access to forum, and so on.

We are wondering if Starlight Owners (past and present) could help us? Mike has evolved comprehensive data and boat detail for Starlights over the past twenty-five years, some of which has been lost in our move. It would be most helpful if Starlight owners could send to us a brief email with boat build number, year of build, keel description (wing or fin) and engine type, with list of owners (past and present). Please email this info to

Keep in touch and good sailing.