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We are reporting a successful past 12 months or so, but would like to see more Sadlers and Starlights on our website.

We have sold most of our listed boats and there are a few new boats pending, but we are now keen to reconnect with our previous history of primarily selling Sadlers and Starlights.

To date we have sold just over 100 Starlights and nearly 500 Sadlers, so we certainly know our boats!

If you are currently thinking of selling, why not call Mike to discuss our attractive terms and specialist knowledge,  Mike has all the experience needed after some 30 years of maintaining and selling these boats and he is in a unique position to amplify your own detail for the benefit of finding the best buyers.

Interestingly, we do have another non-Sadler just come onto our books being a Halberg Rassy26 – a quite beautiful small yacht built in 1979 with a modern7/8 rig and an interior which has  ample storage space and many endearing features –  all at an attractive asking price – £12,900

For first impressions refer to our brief Sales Spec, shortly to be online, but you will need to be  quick before she goes!

call Mike on 07717 885435